DIY Video: How To Sew A Test ( Sample) Skirt

DIY Video: How To Sew A Test ( Sample) Skirt

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Hello Friends,

Last week, I showed you how to take your own body measurements and draft a skirt pattern from start to finish. Well this week, I’m going to take things one step further. I’m going to show you how to test out your patterns by sewing your first sample (test) garment.

Now, this is not the skirt that you’re going to sew up in your best fashion fabric. 

No, you want to make sure that you love the fit of the garment first. This is why you want to sew a test sample skirt because you may decide to alter your pattern a little bit. For instance, you may choose to reduce some of the 2-inch ease or add more ease to the pattern.

D Gulley Designs pressing fabric


D Gulley Designs

D Gulley Designs

D Gulley Designs Marking Darts

D Gulley Designs Pin Side Seams

D Gulley Designs Try On Skirt

D Gulley Designs Finish Test Skirt

Watch the full-length video to see how to correctly sew your first sample (test) skirt.


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