The Inspired By Lace E-Class Promo Video

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Hello, I know it has been just a few days since I posted the Inspired By Lace pattern-making/sewing e-class on my website. I am so excited to share this class with you.   I have create a short promo video. … Continued

Inspired By Lace Sample Garment

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Before I post a E-Class on, I always start my sewing journey by creating a test/sample garment for each class. I go through the complete process by creating the patterns, and then I sew the actual garment. By creating … Continued

How To Create The Perfect Crew Neckline

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Hello, When I drafted the patterns for my first online E-Class entitled, “Inspired By Lace.” I created the perfect crew neckline. In this blog post, I would like to share with you a few simple tips to help you create … Continued

Motivation Wednesday: Just Keep Moving

Today, is Wednesday. It’s the day I like to post a positive message to inspire you to grow and develop your love for fashion but also to encourage you with everyday life challenges. I originally started D.Gulley Designs in 2008. … Continued

Online Fashion Design Classes Starting Soon

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I am so excited that the time is almost here. I will be posting online pattern-making, sewing, and fashion design e-workshop, at, starting in one week. I don’t want to give too much information away just yet. So, come … Continued

Throw Back Fashion: Maxi Dress

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Today is what I’m calling “Throw Back Fashions.” I was deleting some files on my computer and came across pictures of this dress. I made this dress last summer using the McCall’s pattern M6552. My initial goal was to create … Continued

How To Select The Right Color Thread To Match Your Fabric

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Picture this. You just purchased the pattern for your next sewing project, and you are so excited to create the new garment. You have selected a beautiful, lightweight, solid woven fabric to sew the dress but you can’t find the … Continued