DIY Video: Long Sleeve, Asymmetrical Semi-Loose Fitted, Knit Tunic Blouse

DIY Video: Long Sleeve, Asymmetrical Semi-Loose Fitted, Knit Tunic Blouse

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What do you do with six yards of blue fabric that has been sitting in your closet for years? Well, I finally decided that I was going to create an outfit with the material because frankly, I was just tired of looking at it.  I knew I wanted a cute outfit that I could put on to run errands in or meet friends for lunch without looking too dressed up. These days I like to be loose and comfortable at all times.  Henceforth, the long sleeve, asymmetrical semi-loose fitted knit tunic blouse.



D Gulley Designs Front View


I used the fabric to make my first test sample. I love how simple yet stylish this outfit is.

D Gulley Designs

D Gulley Designs Side View


I only used a little over 1 yard of fabric to make the shirt. Then I altered a commercial pants pattern to make the coordinating elastic waistline pants. What started out as a project for me to get rid of some old fabric, turn into a stylish outfit that I am in love with.

Best of all, I had these shoes in my closet for over a year and I had never worn them. I tried them on with this outfit and I must admit, I was very impressed with the finish look.

Can you tell that I am really digging this outfit?


D Gulley Designs

D Gulley Designs Back View


I love this blouse so much that I decided to make a d.i.y. video of the project so that I can show you how to make this semi-loose fitted asymmetrical blouse. In the video, I am going to show you how to take a t-shirt that you already have at home and use it as an outline to create the tunic blouse.

D Gulley Designs Front

D Gulley Designs

One of the great things about this shirt is that you can easily dress it up or dress it down. In the video, I used this gray knit fabric to make the shirt. I paired the finished garment with some denim jeans for a fun, playful look.


D Gulley Designs

D Gulley Designs












You may notice that the gray shirt is longer than the blue shirt. I am pointing this out so that you can see that you can make your shirt long or short. In the video, I do go back and change the length of the gray shirt so that it is the same length as the blue shirt.

D Gulley Designs

Now that you have seen images of the front, back, and side view of this garment, click the video below to watch the step-by-step instructions on how to sew your Semi-Loose Fitted, Asymmetrical, Knit Tunic Blouse.


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