Project Runway Review

Project Runway Review

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Hello Family,

One of my favorite television shows is Project Runway. I can’t wait each week to see what the next challenge is going to be. This show is my release. I have decided that I am going to audition for the show next year. More information on this journey later.

Today, I would like to share my review of this week’s episode entitled, ” Haute Tech Couture.” When I saw the dumpster, I knew instantly that this week’s challenge was going to be an unconventional challenge. I love these challenges because you can really be creative and think outside of the box. Who knew you could make a dress out of old VHS tapes? I sure didn’t. This is a good way to take something old and turn it into something new.

It was refreshing to see what each contestant made. I can say I love most of the garments. My favorite look this week was made by Ashley Neil Tipton. I love the fact that she did something different with the photos. The dress was just so adorable. I can see myself wearing it.


Although she didn’t win the challenge, her look moved me the most. Do you agree or disagree with my suggestion? I can’t wait to read your feedback. Who was your favorite designer from this week’s challenge?

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