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Video sponsorship opportunities are currently available on all d.i.y videos.

Currently, DGulley Designs has 21,000 Youtube subscribers and her channel has over 3,886,186 million video views. 

When you sponsor a d.i.y video, your company’s information will be forever embedded in this video for life. Unlike other advertisement sites where you pay a monthly fee and your ad only runs on the site for a limited time, once you sponsor a video with D.Gulley Designs.com your company will continue to receive exposure from this one investment for years to come.

Years from now, the video that you sponsored will still be on Youtube and your company will continue to receive publicity from your one-time investment.  

This sounds like a great deal, right?

This is a win-win situation. Don’t  put off your success another day. If you would like to get your blog, product, or company in front of my 21,000 subscribers, please send an email TODAY to: dgulley@dgulleydesigns.com for advertisement rates.

How It Works

After payment has been received through PayPal, I will create and post a new d.i.y video to my Youtube channel within 3 days. In this video, I will verbally mention your company’s name at least three times. I will also post your logo image and/or your company’s website address in the video at least three times.

After the video has been posted on my Youtube channel. I will send you an email with a link to the video so that you can review it.

Once again, your information will always remain in this video.

My Youtube channel has been active for over seven years and will continue to be active in the near future.  I post new videos on my channel every week.  Your video could be the next video that I post.

Send an email today to dgulleydesigns.com to get started. 






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